Nike Engage 50

The Nike Engage wedge is the latest offering from the Swoosh, featuring three different sole options designed alongside some of the greatest players to play the game like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

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The two most immediate features to notice on the new Nike Engage wedges are the different sole grinds and the unique geometric features on the back of the club.  The Square and Dual soles aren’t that different from traditional sole grinds, but the Toe Sweep sole has a unique look with a wide toe and a narrow heel that allows you to lay the club open without raising the leading edge.

The soles of the Engage wedges melt into the back of the club where the cavities have a geometric, art-deco look to them.  Aside from having a crazy look, this is a strategic concept aimed at centralizing the center of gravity on the wedge for more consistency.

At address, the Engage wedges have a medium round shape with a rough blasted finish on the face.  As their Tour players favor raw finishes and the patina they eventually produce, Nike has brought this same characteristic over to retail, and it’s sure to make many golf nerds like us swoon.

Another interesting note is that the wedges come packaged in a colored wax based on what grind you choose (see picture at the top of this article).  This packaging protects the raw finish of the wedge but also serves as a way of separating the options on the racks.  Additionally, there are small tags attached that list the playing characteristics of the wedges to make choosing the correct wedge a little easier

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