RZN Black

The Nike RZN Black golf ball is both one of the lowest-spinning balls with the driver and one of the highest-spinning balls with a wedge.  Incredible on-course performance.

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Product Description

As with previous versions, the RZN Black offers a stable ball flight and copes very well in the wind. This new version also offers decent distance off the tee, which Nike engineers say is due to the new core design. It spins less than the RZN Platinum, which is ideal if you tend to spin the ball a lot off the tee and want to control the flight you produce. Players with average to slow swing speeds will get more out of the RZN White and Red balls, including more distance off the tee and added spin when hitting approach shots into greens.

Compared to most other tour-caliber balls, the Nike RZN Black golf ball is, overall, a bit firmer.  With a wedge, the feel is firm and crisp, just as it is with the putter.  If you want that gooey, buttery soft feel, this is not the ball for you.  The area where the RZN Black feels the best is off the driver – the firm feel translates to feeling very fast and explosive.

Product Features

Color White
Size Big
Weight 130 lbs